Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Fundraising stall for the NOTYQ Community Quilts

An enormous amount of effort has been put in by NOTYQ members to make wonderful items which will be sold on our Community Quilts stall.  Dianne Bannister and her team have worked so hard to make a multitude of gorgeous goodies which will be sold to buy batting and backings for the over 200 community quilts made by NOTYQ members and donated to members of the wider community who need the warmth and comfort a handmade quilt can provide.

I asked Community Quilts Co-ordinator Jackie to write about this highly valued part of NOTYQ's contribution to the community.

Community quilts make quilts so we can give them to anyone in need. Our wider community has many and varied needs, from fighting cancer with quilts donated for fund raisers or lifting the spirits of those with the disease, to those who lose all they have in house or bush fire and the funds towards the CFA, to newly arrived community from lands far and wide to those coming back to our community for misdeeds. To brighten and warm OUR community we make quilts.

The gift of a quilt, bright and cheery, or just new and handmade, given by someone who doesn't know the recipient can be the heart warming gesture to reach out and show that they are a member of our community.

We are not totally altruistic because we love to make quilts. Some of us wouldn't have a surface to see if we couldn't give our quilts away. And knowing that our stash or scraps can be used by other members makes the task of "getting rid of" those fabrics that no linger fit our purposes easy. We need to keep busy so we also have kits available to keep us sewing.

Please visit our stall as funds raised go towards the wadding of the 200+ quilts we make annually. Members donate the fabrics, sewing, quilting, binding and finishing so enjoy and spend and be a part of our community in your way. 

Thank you. 
Community Quilts Coordinator.

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