Friday, 25 September 2015

The background of our raffle quilt.

2015 NOTYQ Raffle Quilt

“The Blue Bird of Hope”

This quilt was made by many people, united in a love of 

stitching and quilting, along with a desire to raise funds to 

support charitable organisations. It started as a project by a 

group of friends, The Village Quilters. When the group 

disbanded the blocks went to NOTYQ member, Dianne 

Bannister. Dianne kindly donated them to our Community 

Quilts program, along with a sum of money from the group 

to contribute to the quilt’s completion.

It was decided that completing the quilt and raffling it, with 

the proceeds being donated to Banksia Palliative Care, was in 

line with the spirit in which this quilt was started.

The quilt was quilted by Leanne Kaufmann 

of Leanne’s Quilting Services.

The Quilt Exhibition Committee wishes to thank everyone 

who has helped in the making of this beautiful quilt.

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