Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Keep Quilting

We are so lucky to have another new (to us) trader at our Quilt Exhibition.
Keep Quilting
Marita will be bringing and demonstrating the Rule Steady.

Here is the story of its development in Marita's words.

Hi, We are Charles and Marita, and we are partners in life and in our business - Keep Quilting.

I have FSH Muscular Dystrophy, which affects my muscles and leaves me quite fatigued - and mine is not severe. My grandson is only 10 and has the infantile version, which is much more severe. I mention it here as research is ongoing, with some treatments (not a cure, but a help) being researched - maybe in the next 10 years there will be a real breakthrough, but the FSHD society is not government funded, and all of the funds come from the public. If you are interested, or could perhaps help please click here .  The app on the home page is the only one in the world where if you make a donation, you can actually track where your money goes - the scientists, the lab, the research - you can see where you are helping - fantastic, isn't it?

Charles and I met in 1982 (that's us on the left). Time ran away from us, and in the next picture you can see me (Marita) with our 5 children. From the looks of the baby, that would have been 1997. 
Roll forward, and that next picture is the day we finally got married - November 2010 - those are our children, almost grown up..
Yes, we took a while, my brother loves to tell people it was the longest engagement in history.
In the last photo, that is our wedding day again, surrounded by our families - yes it was only immediate family, I had recently had a significant health scare, and wasn't up to much celebrating - but that was the happiest day of my life. 

My quilting journey began when my youngest 2 were in kinder, and I mentioned to a crafty friend that one day I'd like to make a quilt - well, that was the start of it! She quickly took me under her wing, and I remain grateful to this day that she showed me how to have fun and create something beautiful at the same time. My first two quilts were Sunbonnet Sues - for the 2 girls of course, and at that point I had never even heard of a rotary cutter! All of those individual skirt pieces were cut with scissors - oh boy did my fingers hurt.....funny the things you remember, isn't it? Anyway, as you can imagine, I was quite relieved at how much more efficiently I could cut with the rotary cutter, but I had a problem - same as most quilters at some point - I could not stop that ruler from slipping at the end of a cut.

I was getting so frustrated. It didn't seem to make any difference how hard I pressed on the ruler; tried crabwalking my hand up the ruler; using different rulers; etc etc; all that happened was that my hands got sore and so did my shoulders - and the ruler was still slipping. Charles happened to be near me one day when I was upset at wasting my time and some fabric, he asked me if he could help by making something - would I try it? Off he trotted into ' The Shed' and 2 days later emerged with the prototype of the RuleSteady.

The RuleSteady has gone through some cosmetic changes in the ensuing years, but it is still significantly the same - it does exactly what it was created to do :
1. It keeps your hands safely away from the rotary cutter blade
2. You don't have to press down hard on the ruler, so your hands/shoulders won't get sore
3. It stops the ruler from slipping - from the 4 1/2"  square, up to the 8" x 24"  ruler
4. You have excellent visibility and can see your fabric to line up easily - no blind spots

I have received feedback from a plethora of different people 
  • Textile teachers who can allow their students to cut without fear thanks to using the RuleSteady
  • New quilters who (like me) may not have continued as the cutting was just too hard
  • People who suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel, muscle weakness
  • Experienced quilters who like to make their life easier
  • Shop-owners whose staff have to cut up kits

.....I could go on, but I think you understand what I'm getting at.

AND never forget - The RuleSteady is an Australian invention, Made in Australia & Owned in Australia
We support local business wherever possible - from the handle of the RuleSteady, right down to the labels and boxes we use.

Please check out the Rule Steady website to see some of the other products Marita will be bringing to our Quilt Exhibition.

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