Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Many thanks to Kate

Enormous thanks to Kate from Kates Sewing Centre. Kate is the major sponsor of the NOTYQ Quilt Exhibition. Yesterday we collected this fabulous sewing machine. It will be the first prize in the People's Choice Large Quilt section of the show.

Monday, 28 September 2015

The Rosettes

We are just doing all those last minute things to get ready for The NOTYQ Quilt Exhibition. Today the rosettes were collected.

The last chance...

...to buy raffle tickets for the chance to win this beautiful quilt will be at our Quilt Exhibition on October 3rd and 4th.
Enormous thanks once again to The Village Quilters, Dianne Bannister, NOTYQ members who worked on the quilt, especially Christine MacDonald, and to Leanne Kaufmann of Leannes Quilting Service who stitched the magnificent quilting.

Another Giveaway

We have a social media giveaway happening at NOTYQ. Please leave us a 'Like' or comment on our Facebook Page HERE

and leave us a comment here and you could win this lovely fat quarter bundle. One entry for each comment or like.

The winner will be drawn at our October 17th Guild Meeting. So sorry but entries from Australia only, due to postage costs.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Social Media Giveaway winner

Congratulations to Christine MacDonald who won the Social Media Giveaway prize at our September Guild Meeting.
Don't forget to leave a comment on our blog or a 'like' or comment on our Facebook page.  You will get one entry for each comment or 'like'

Friday, 25 September 2015

The background of our raffle quilt.

2015 NOTYQ Raffle Quilt

“The Blue Bird of Hope”

This quilt was made by many people, united in a love of 

stitching and quilting, along with a desire to raise funds to 

support charitable organisations. It started as a project by a 

group of friends, The Village Quilters. When the group 

disbanded the blocks went to NOTYQ member, Dianne 

Bannister. Dianne kindly donated them to our Community 

Quilts program, along with a sum of money from the group 

to contribute to the quilt’s completion.

It was decided that completing the quilt and raffling it, with 

the proceeds being donated to Banksia Palliative Care, was in 

line with the spirit in which this quilt was started.

The quilt was quilted by Leanne Kaufmann 

of Leanne’s Quilting Services.

The Quilt Exhibition Committee wishes to thank everyone 

who has helped in the making of this beautiful quilt.

Some of the Goodies

Just a tiny amount of the goodies which will be for sale on the Community Quilts Fundraising stall at the NOTYQ Quilt Exhibition.  Once again an enormous thank you to Dianne and her fabulous team for all their hard working in producing such gorgeous goodies.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Fundraising stall for the NOTYQ Community Quilts

An enormous amount of effort has been put in by NOTYQ members to make wonderful items which will be sold on our Community Quilts stall.  Dianne Bannister and her team have worked so hard to make a multitude of gorgeous goodies which will be sold to buy batting and backings for the over 200 community quilts made by NOTYQ members and donated to members of the wider community who need the warmth and comfort a handmade quilt can provide.

I asked Community Quilts Co-ordinator Jackie to write about this highly valued part of NOTYQ's contribution to the community.

Community quilts make quilts so we can give them to anyone in need. Our wider community has many and varied needs, from fighting cancer with quilts donated for fund raisers or lifting the spirits of those with the disease, to those who lose all they have in house or bush fire and the funds towards the CFA, to newly arrived community from lands far and wide to those coming back to our community for misdeeds. To brighten and warm OUR community we make quilts.

The gift of a quilt, bright and cheery, or just new and handmade, given by someone who doesn't know the recipient can be the heart warming gesture to reach out and show that they are a member of our community.

We are not totally altruistic because we love to make quilts. Some of us wouldn't have a surface to see if we couldn't give our quilts away. And knowing that our stash or scraps can be used by other members makes the task of "getting rid of" those fabrics that no linger fit our purposes easy. We need to keep busy so we also have kits available to keep us sewing.

Please visit our stall as funds raised go towards the wadding of the 200+ quilts we make annually. Members donate the fabrics, sewing, quilting, binding and finishing so enjoy and spend and be a part of our community in your way. 

Thank you. 
Community Quilts Coordinator.

The NOTYQ Raffle Quilt

This is our wonderful raffle quilt.
All proceeds of the raffle will be donated to Banksia Palliative Care.

The Children's First Foundation

Chris will be selling her beautiful bags to raise funds for The Children's First Foundation at our Quilt Exhibition. You can find out more about this organisation HERE.
This is what they say
We believe all children have a right to access excellent medical care, regardless of where they are born. Through our Between the Gaps and Miracle sMiles programs, the Foundation enables children from developing countries to have life changing surgery in Australia and provides funding support for Australian families with disabled or chronically ill children.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Keep Quilting

We are so lucky to have another new (to us) trader at our Quilt Exhibition.
Keep Quilting
Marita will be bringing and demonstrating the Rule Steady.

Here is the story of its development in Marita's words.

Hi, We are Charles and Marita, and we are partners in life and in our business - Keep Quilting.

I have FSH Muscular Dystrophy, which affects my muscles and leaves me quite fatigued - and mine is not severe. My grandson is only 10 and has the infantile version, which is much more severe. I mention it here as research is ongoing, with some treatments (not a cure, but a help) being researched - maybe in the next 10 years there will be a real breakthrough, but the FSHD society is not government funded, and all of the funds come from the public. If you are interested, or could perhaps help please click here .  The app on the home page is the only one in the world where if you make a donation, you can actually track where your money goes - the scientists, the lab, the research - you can see where you are helping - fantastic, isn't it?

Charles and I met in 1982 (that's us on the left). Time ran away from us, and in the next picture you can see me (Marita) with our 5 children. From the looks of the baby, that would have been 1997. 
Roll forward, and that next picture is the day we finally got married - November 2010 - those are our children, almost grown up..
Yes, we took a while, my brother loves to tell people it was the longest engagement in history.
In the last photo, that is our wedding day again, surrounded by our families - yes it was only immediate family, I had recently had a significant health scare, and wasn't up to much celebrating - but that was the happiest day of my life. 

My quilting journey began when my youngest 2 were in kinder, and I mentioned to a crafty friend that one day I'd like to make a quilt - well, that was the start of it! She quickly took me under her wing, and I remain grateful to this day that she showed me how to have fun and create something beautiful at the same time. My first two quilts were Sunbonnet Sues - for the 2 girls of course, and at that point I had never even heard of a rotary cutter! All of those individual skirt pieces were cut with scissors - oh boy did my fingers hurt.....funny the things you remember, isn't it? Anyway, as you can imagine, I was quite relieved at how much more efficiently I could cut with the rotary cutter, but I had a problem - same as most quilters at some point - I could not stop that ruler from slipping at the end of a cut.

I was getting so frustrated. It didn't seem to make any difference how hard I pressed on the ruler; tried crabwalking my hand up the ruler; using different rulers; etc etc; all that happened was that my hands got sore and so did my shoulders - and the ruler was still slipping. Charles happened to be near me one day when I was upset at wasting my time and some fabric, he asked me if he could help by making something - would I try it? Off he trotted into ' The Shed' and 2 days later emerged with the prototype of the RuleSteady.

The RuleSteady has gone through some cosmetic changes in the ensuing years, but it is still significantly the same - it does exactly what it was created to do :
1. It keeps your hands safely away from the rotary cutter blade
2. You don't have to press down hard on the ruler, so your hands/shoulders won't get sore
3. It stops the ruler from slipping - from the 4 1/2"  square, up to the 8" x 24"  ruler
4. You have excellent visibility and can see your fabric to line up easily - no blind spots

I have received feedback from a plethora of different people 
  • Textile teachers who can allow their students to cut without fear thanks to using the RuleSteady
  • New quilters who (like me) may not have continued as the cutting was just too hard
  • People who suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel, muscle weakness
  • Experienced quilters who like to make their life easier
  • Shop-owners whose staff have to cut up kits

.....I could go on, but I think you understand what I'm getting at.

AND never forget - The RuleSteady is an Australian invention, Made in Australia & Owned in Australia
We support local business wherever possible - from the handle of the RuleSteady, right down to the labels and boxes we use.

Please check out the Rule Steady website to see some of the other products Marita will be bringing to our Quilt Exhibition.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

A new Giveaway

A new social media giveaway is happening here at NOTYQ
Have you been commenting or liking our Facebook page and blog?
If you do you will receive one entry for each comment or 'like' you leave.
The prize is a bundle of five lovely fat quarters.
The winner will be drawn at the October Guild Meeting.

Sit and Sew on Thursdays

All ages gather to share a love of quilting

The Gemelli Girls - Sewjo

The Gemelli Girls are coming to trade at our Quilt Exhibition.
Jo from Sewjo was one of our favourite traders at our last Quilt Exhibition.  Since then she has joined together with NOTYQ member Jenny Martin to form Gemelli Girls'  Here's what Jo wrote;

Hi all, I have just changed my Facebook page name to Gemelli Girls - Sewjo.. 
Why? you ask...
Well I have been working very closely with my special friend Jenny Martin for a few years now and we have decided to expand and go into business together. 
We are very excited and will have new designs soon to show you. 
If you would like to see our new stuff we are excited to say we will be having a stand at the NOTYQ Quilt Exhibition and October's Stitches and Craft, so if you are there, please come and say hi....
My Sewjo Designs will still be available and the web page is open for business until we launch the Gemelli Girls page.

Here are some new designs from these talented ladies

We look forward to seeing them at our Quilt Exhibition

Monday, 21 September 2015

A new Giveaway

A new social media giveaway is happening here at NOTYQ
Have you been commenting or liking our Facebook page and blog
If you do you will receive one entry for each comment or 'like' you leave.
The prize is a bundle of five lovely fat quarters.
The winner will be drawn at the October Guild Meeting.

Gail Pan

Fresh from teaching in Europe, Gail Pan will be spending the weekend with us at the NOTYQ Quilt Exhibition and I for one feel very lucky.
Gail grew up in a home where sewing was an important part of life.  In 2003 she began designing her own patterns.  She now designs fabric and teaches internationally and all over Australia.
Gail's designs feature, stitcheries, needleturn and piecing
Gail thoroughly enjoys sharing her love of needle and thread.
Please visit Gail on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/gail.pan.1
and on her blog http://gailpandesigns.typepad.com/

Enormous thanks to Leesa Chandler

Everyone had a wonderful time at Leesa Try It Out day on NOTYQ on Saturday.

We had a fantastic day with Leesa! Lots of laughs and some stitching got done and of course some shopping too!

Our Raffle Quilt

A glimpse of the raffle quilt which was quilted by Leanne Kaufman.  I'll ask Christine to take a photo of the entire
quilt and share it here.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Workshop news

Hi Ladies,
Just a quick reminder that Leesa Chandler's shop and Try It Out mini workshops are on this Saturday. There are still a few spaces for the TIO and all are welcome to come to look at the shop. See the mini projects below. Cost to participate in the TIO is $10 (this includes one mini project) and each additional project will be $3.
Sit and sew will still be on this group will use the side room while Leesa and her shop will be in the main hall.
All welcome to come and shop.
Also remember ladies this is a NOTYQ event and as such please contribute to set up and put away where you can. This includes leaving the kitchen as we normally do.
I will be there from about 9.30am for a 10.00am start. Leesa is happy for participants to come throughout the day, but we do anticipate that it will be over by 4.00pm, so if you wish to stitch leave yourself enough time to do so.
Happy stitching ladies.
Heather Purdy

Thursday, 17 September 2015

More Traders

There will be more posts about traders who are attending our Quilt Exhibition next week.  Still to come
Gail Pan
Gemelli Girls
Kaye's Needles and Pins
We are so lucky that so many wonderful businesses support NOTYQ by attending our Quilt Exhibition.

Annual General Meeting

Don't forget that tonight is our AGM. Please come along. We will be drawing the winner for our social media giveaway competition tonight

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Our Giveaway

Don't forget to leave us a comment here or on our Facebook page to go into the draw for a lovely fabric prize.  Entries for this bundle close Wednesday at midnight but never fear there will be another giveaway coming up soon.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Sewn and Quilted

We are very lucky to have the support of many Melbourne shops who attend our Quilt Exhibitions as Traders. Sewn and Quilted will be attending and selling a diverse range of supplies'
Sewn and Quilted
92 Whitehorse Rd,
Blackburn  Vic 3130
My name is Carol Nicholls, and I am the proud owner of Sewn and Quilted. My studio and website were launched in early 2012 and this was certainly a very busy and exciting time. Owning a studio and being able to introduce and enthuse students to new skills through teaching was something I thought I would only ever be dreaming could happen, but here I am!

Sewn and Quilted is located in Blackburn, which is in the leafy eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. My patchwork journey started when my husband, four children and I lived in the USA from 1996 - 1998. I enrolled for a beginner's class while we were living there, and my passion for patchwork has only ever grown since then. I am proudly addicted to the world of patchwork and quilting, and can't imagine my life without it! Apart from the beautiful quilts, wall hangings, bags etc you create, the other fantastic benefit is all of the like-minded friends you make and the wonderful people you meet along the way.

As you look through my store you will no doubt note that I particularly enjoy working with Reproductions Fabrics, Japanese Fabrics, and bright, happy children's prints. I love the more traditional styles of quilt making, however often dabble in other bits and pieces as well. Like many of us, there just aren't enough hours in the day, days in a year, or years in a lifetime to sew all we wish we could make!

I truly hope you experience as much pleasure and satisfaction from your patchwork and quilting as I do.

Telephone: (03) 9877 1664

Monday, 14 September 2015

Don't forget our giveaway

and it's very easy to enter...just leave a comment on a post here or a comment or like on our Facebook page and you will go in the draw to win a fat quarter bundle.  This giveaway will be drawn at the NOTYQ AGM on September 17th.
You can visit our Facebook Page HERE.

Entries close on September 16th and there will be one entry for each comment or like you leave.

Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop

Another of the wonderful businesses supporting NOTYQ by trading at our Quilt Exhibition is Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop.

Mrs Martins Quilt Shop

 You'll find Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop in Emerald,on the Monbulk Emerald Road, half way between Emerald and Monbulk. It is a home based business not a shop so look for the little green cottage with the roses growing on the front porch. They are easy to find and there's plenty of parking.

If you want to make a quilt or a wall hanging, maybe a bag or a pincushion they can help find the perfect project for you. There's something for beginners through to the more experienced and those somewhere in between. Some of their favourite designers are Viv from Viv’s Creations, Gail from Gail Pan Designs, Jennifer from Jennifer Knol Designs, Leanne from Petals and Patches and Lisa from Fig n Berry Creations. Between them their designs incorporate stitchery, appliqué, paper piecing and piecing. Something to suit everyone.
They also stock the range of Westalee Products and Matilda’s Own Cotton Batting, Olfa rotary cutters and cutting mats, Weaveline and pellon. As well as the necessities They like to have the latest gadgets available, because quilters love gadgets.
Reproduction fabrics  and the muddy country colours are popular with both the designers and customers and Mrs Martin.

There’s always something going on…..
They have a number of Sewing Circles, both day and evening, throughout the week.
There are also a variety of classes suitable for beginners through to the more experienced. Check out their website at 
and don't forget to sign up for their newsletter.
Mrs Martin’s Quilt Shop
Blog: www.mrsmartinsquiltshop.typepad.com
133 Emerald Monbulk Rd,
Victoria, Australia, 3782
Phone: 03 5968 3360
Overseas 61 3 59683360

Friday, 11 September 2015

Patchwork Unlimited

 Pauline started Patchworks Unlimited over 20 years ago as a bricks and mortar shop in the northern suburb of Pascoe Vale in Melbourne, Australia. 
  The Shop is located at
25 Pascoe Street
Pascoe Vale
Victoria 3044

61 3 9300 4011


Opening hours  
10am - 4pm  Monday - Friday
9am - 12 noon  Saturday

she has a delightful range of fabrics which include beautiful florals, bright and pretty fabrics, Japanese and Oriental designs, interesting novelty prints, and complementary plain colours. she also carries best quality Osnaberg, linen/cotton, cotton velvets and other specialty fabrics for a variety of applications including embroidery, and a comprehensive assortment of efficient patchwork and quilting tools, threads and equipment.

The Patchwork Spirit is the name of the range of original patterns that have been exclusive to Patchworks Unlimited.  These innovative designs are written for easy understanding and are designed to be user friendly and achievable to all levels.  Gael and Pauline are especially aware of making their ideas accessible to their customers in places not necessarily adjacent to a patchwork shop for help or supplies.The designs range from fairly simple and easy, to quite complex and sophisticated, but the instructions are always step by step for ease of application. Their range of original patterns has expanded to include screen printed panels .  These are their own artworks, and are being hand printed by them as they are not available commercially. 

Patchworks Unlimited has an excellent programme of interesting classes and teaching for all levels of patchwork expertise.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Jemima's Creative Quilting

A big thank you to Jemima's Creative Quilting for their support of our Quilt Exhibition.
Jemimas Creative Quilting

is located at 84 Cimberwood Drive Craigieburn
the shop hours are Tuesday – Wednesday 2.00 – 5.00pm
Thursday - Friday 10.00am – 6pm
Saturday 10.00am – 4.oopm
They are closed on Sunday and Monday
You can contact them on 9308 2699

Shirley and Veronica are a mother and daughter team whose love of quilting led them to begin their own Professional Machine Quilting Service.
The enjoyment of helping others complete their quilt tops and the continual contact with other quilters encouraged them to expand their business to include Patchwork Fabrics, Patterns, Kits, Quilting Accessories, Patchwork Classes and Workshops.
If you visit their friendly informative blog, you will discover the wide range of classes on offer 
 The blog is at http://jemimasquilting.blogspot.com.au

We ask that all NOTYQ members support Jemimas both at the Quilt Exhibition and at her store
Many thanks
Your Committee

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Needles and Pins

Kaye from Needles and Pins is another fabulous person who lends her support to the NOTYQ Quilt Exhibition

Needles and Pins
Needles and Pins have been in Warrandyte for over 20 years and in December 2000 Kaye Millsom took over as the owner. Kaye has sewn, embroidered, knitted, patched & quilted and created for as long as she can remember, so when the opportunity came along to take on a little quilt shop, selling the things she loved it was the culmination of a dream.
Needles and Pins is at the Goldfield Shopping Centre at 102 Melbourne Hill Road Warrandyte

Phone: 03 9844 1720
Opening Hours:
9.30 - 5.00 Monday to Friday
9.30 - 1.30 Saturday
EFTPOS is available and most credit cards are accepted.

Needles and Pins is more than just a quilt shop, it's the place where you can learn, be inspired and be motivated, so hopefully you'll be able to visit and to have that touchy-feely experience and see the true colour and texture of their entire range of fabrics. You'll be assured of a warm welcome and professional service.

Needles and Pins are proud to offer all kinds of reproduction fabrics including well known ranges from Judie Rothermel, Jo Morton, Howard Marcus and many more, as well as ranges from Moda Fabric designers - the 3 sisters, Chez Moi, Blackbird Designs and The French General just to name a few. They also stock thread, habadashery items and ribbons.

You can visit the website at http://www.kayesneedlesandpins.com.au

We ask that all NOTYQ members support Kaye both at the Quilt Exhibition and at her store
Many thanks
Your Committee

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Hill Side Quilting

Hill Side Quilting

Anita Ellis of Hillside Quilting is a Professional Long Arm Quilter operating from her studio in beautiful Warrandyte in the north east of Melbourne.
You can contact her on 0430 135281 or by email atanita@hillsidequilting.com.au

Any one who takes a browse through Anita's delightful blog,
will recognise her enthusiasm for and love of quilting. She delights in helping her customers achieve their vision for their quilts by offering both sound advice and creative input.

Next time you are starting a new quilt give Anita a call to book your spot in the queue and she can help you with any quilting queries so that your quilt is constructed in a way that makes the most of the quilting. Try not to think of the piecing and quilting as separate processes. Giving thought to the quilting at the planning stage will result into a finished quilt result that you will be very proud to own or give away to a well deserving recipient.

Anita's approach to quilting is one where you can discuss your requirements and any ideas that you may already have and marry these to her extensive experience of the quilting process.  She takes great care to really get to know what it is that you want and what is the best treatment for each individual quilt.

During the consultation, quilting style will be discussed as well as thread choice, wadding, backings, time frames and costings. You will leave her studio knowing how your quilt is going to be quilted, when it will be ready and how much it will cost. She always deliver on this.

Anita offers inspiration, education and encouragement to all who participate in her Domestic Machine Quilting classes and in 2012 she was selected to teach at the prestigious Australian Machine Quilting Festival in Adelaide.  Due to the overwhelming positive response from participants she will be teaching again at this Festival in 2014.

So give her a call and your lovely patchwork tops will soon be be lovely quilts.