Sunday, 23 August 2015

Having fun

Last week I popped over to the Cranbourne Botanic Gardens and enjoyed an afternoon with Leesa Chandler as part of one of her Try It Out sessions.  It was fabulously arranged with project stations all around the room each featuring a different charming project.  

Everything you could need, even a needle, was included in the kit. 

Dotted around the room were inspiring pieces of Leesa’s  textile art and she'd brought along a selection of goodies from her shop as well.
Everyone sat around and stitched in a very convivial atmosphere and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I can't wait to attend another TIU session and I will be able to do just that when Leesa visits us on September 19th
Hope to see you there and don't forget you can bring along your friends.  Visitors to NOTY are very welcome.

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