Monday, 30 March 2015

Just a thought

A Quilt is made of scrap pieces,
All carefully cut and sewn.
With colourful shapes of fabric,
Fitting together on its own.
As we sew the tiny pieces,
With tender loving care,
It grows into a quilt,
It’s warmth, we want to share.
Friends online are like scrap pieces,
From different countries, states and lands,
All sewn together on the Internet,
With one big global hand.
Like the pieces, we are all different,
Shapes cut from different thread.
Put together in the right way,
Friendship can really spread.
As time goes by, the quilt top grows,
The pattern so plain to see,
Online friends, are beautiful people,
With hearts as big as can be.
They’ll be there when you need them,
Rays of sunshine that bring you light,
Like the quilt, soft and warm,
Keeping you safe on a cold dark night.
If the world could see through a Quilters eyes,
The beauty each piece has to give,
And be a friend, like an online friend,
The world would be a better place to live.
Author Unknown

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Jo said...

It's so nice having you back here Mel