Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The NOTYQ Angel Mortal Swap

The NOTYQ 2015  Angel Mortal Swap

The fun is about to begin.  Here are the swaps and when they will happen.  These are guidelines only.  If one of these swaps isn’t something you want to make, you can make something else as long as your mortal receives a gift you would like to receive yourself.
Please give your mortal their gift by
Swap theme
Thursday 18th April
Something for the Living Room. eg a mini quilt, ornament, remote control holder, coffee table runner, candle-mat, bookends

 Saturday 20th June

Something for the sewing room eg quilt block holder, sewing set, pattern and fabric kit, sewing themed mini quilt

Saturday 15th August Meeting

Something personal for the mortal eg covered journal, toiletries bag, bag or purse,
Necklace or brooch
Saturday 17th  Oct

Something for the garden eg gardening apron, garden gloves, seed packet holder, or a garden themed stitchery

Saturday 19th December
Christmas Meeting
A Christmas themed gift, for example a mini quilt, a Christmas stocking, tree decorations
+ a small thank you gift for your angel
Please pop your gift into the Angel Mortal Swap bag.  Remember to be sneaky – it is a secret swap.  Partners will be revealed at the Christmas Meeting.
Any questions ask Melody Daly or June Carnes.  


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