Thursday, 31 July 2014

Monica's angel

Our lovely president arrived back from overseas to a gift from her Angel in the NOTYQ Angel Mortal Swap.

If you are going on retreat have a wonderful time.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July Show and Tell Part 3

A bit more of NOYTQ members' creativity which we saw at the July guild meeting

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

July Show and Tell Part 2

Some more lovely quilts shown at our July guild meeting.

Monday, 28 July 2014

July Show and Tell Part 1

Some of the lovely quilts shown at our July guild meeting.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Aussie Hero Quilts Part 5

Do you want to learn more about Aussie Hero Quilts then please go HERE.

For detailed instructions and a tutorial on how to make a laundry bag please go HERE

Where to contact them, please go HERE

And finally Here is their button and the code

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Friday, 25 July 2014

Aussie Hero Quilts Part 4

It was lovely to have my great friend Sue visit NOTYQ as part of the Aussie Hero's talk.
You can read Sue's blog here.  She often posts about Aussie Hero Quilts.  Thanks to Libby for driving her home.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Aussie Heros Quilts Part 3

Would you like to make something for Aussie Hero Quilts.  Here are Jan-Maree's instructions.

Quilt Specifics

The soldier's quilts are made and sized specifically to fit into a Bx2 sized post box so that you can post them for free.  Anything posted to the soldiers serving overseas under 2kg is free.  Aussie Hero Quilts are sized to be the width of the fabric so about 42".  The length should be between 70" and 75". I know some of you will think that this size seems a little stingy but the quilts also have to be small enough for the recipients to fit into their luggage if they are required to move from one location to another unexpectedly.  They also need to be the right size to fit on top of a navy bunk at sea and a bunk bed on land.  If you make the quilts too wide this makes them too big and bulky.    The quilts are often used whilst sitting on picket duty and for this the soldiers want to be able to wrap them around their shoulders.  Trust me, long and thin works.   

NOTE - if you want to send quilt tops to me to finish then I require them to be 42" x 70" please.  It makes it so much easier for me if they are all a standard size.

Please use only 100% cotton batting or a 60% wool/40%polyester batting. Both these types of batting have been trialed in country and we know they do the job.  The climates where these quilts are going vary from tropical to below freezing so these quilts need to be versatile.

All quilts are to be quilted but may be tied and quilted.  Straight stitch quilting is fine as it stippling and fancier quilting designs.  Please, NO RAG QUILTS.

Binding can be hand sewn or machine sewn.  I cut the binding 2 1/2" for hand sewing and 2 3/4" for machine sewing.  There is a tutorial for the binding here if desired.  

The Label -
Every quilt must have and Aussie Hero Label on it as follows:

This is an
 made for an
Aussie Hero
serving OVERSEAS
with gratitude for your service.

I would appreciate it if the wording remains the same but feel free to add in who the quilt was made by etc.   I would like all Aussie Hero Quilts to be easily identifiable as such so that they become recognizable and widely known.  

Labels can be printed on printable fabric or hand written.  If you would like help with your labels you can check out the ones that Hilary has volunteered to make here.

Just few thoughts on choosing what to make.

What design to make?
When you are deciding what quilt to make you have two options.  You can either look at your stash, see what you have and just go with what is there and contact me when you are done.  Or you can contact me first and I can tell you what requests we have.  Everyone is asked to tell me their favourite colour and interests or hobbies.  Some guys would love to have a particular logo, be it a sports team or a military related logo, and if you are able to do that they are very appreciative.
Quilts that will appeal to a broad range of tastes are best.  If you want to use up your themed fabric think about mixing a few themes up and making an adult "I Spy" quilt as those have been really popular or make a quilt that is predominantly colour based and throw your themed fabrics into it based on colour.  Quilts made with a sporting theme, one sport or multiple, always go down well, regardless of whether the recipient is a particular fan of that sport.  Just some suggestions anyway.  If you would like more ideas them check out the gallery as there are loads of quilts there to look at.  

Please bear in mind that it is really difficult and quite time consuming for me to try and match a special themed quilt with the "right" person.  There are only two ways I can do it.  The first is to put a picture of the quilt on the Facebook page and ask if anyone knows someone this will suit.  This has not been particularly successful in the past.  The second way is to individually email those who have requested quilts and ask if a particular theme appeals to them.  I am sorry but the second method is just too time consuming to do.  It is also fraught with danger because if I go to someone and ask if they like a particular theme and they don't they often come back with "but I do like ........"  

Additionally, it is actually really hard to get quilts to specific job types such as cooks and dog handlers.  My contacts over there are usually really busy and I really don't like to email them with requests to find a home for special quilts on a regular basis.  

What is the next step?
Once you have finished, or nearly finished, your quilt what do you do with it?  That is easy.  First, if possible, please email a picture of the quilt to me.  It is also handy at this stage if you can let me know if you will make a laundry bag to go with it or if I need to find someone else to do that.  Once I get a picture of the quilt I will allocate the name and address of a serving member to you, assuming I have someone appropriate.  There may occasionally be a wait, particularly around major changeover periods.  Once I give you a name and address you can then post off your quilt, following our Posting Instructions.  Please note, seeing as I am giving you a serving member's full postal details I would appreciate it if you would give me a little information.  Full name and home town will do, but address is preferable.  I feel a little uncomfortable handing over a service person's details if all I have is an email address.  Hope you understand.

Here are some more pictures I took last Thursday night.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Aussie Hero Quilts Part 2

Last week we were lucky enough to have Jan-Maree from Aussie Hero Quilts speak to us at the guild meeting.  Here's what she said about us on her blog.
I arrived in Melbourne on Thursday and that night I was the guest speaker at the North of the Yarra Quilt Group.  What a lovely, friendly bunch of ladies.  I was assisted in my presentation by Sue N who has been sewing for us for some time now.  Sue showed the quilts that she has made for HMAS Toowoomba crew members which saved me from taking quilts to show. I did take three quilt tops with me and a laundry bag to show.  There were lots of questions about the quilts and laundry bags so hopefully we have got a few new quilters now.  One lady made a point of talking to me as her husband is ex-Royal Navy and so she understood immediately the benefit of what we do.  She has already promised to get involved.  
Here are some of the pictures I took on Thursday night

Monday, 14 July 2014

Aussie Hero Quilts Part 1

This Thursday evening at the guild meeting we will learn all about Aussie Hero quilts.  If you would like to learn a little before the talk pop over HERE.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses Part 4

More beautiful Patchwork of the Crosses quilts.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses Part 3

More lovely fussy cut Patchwork of the Crosses blocks.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses Part 2

Some beautiful fussy cut Patchwork of the Crosses blocks.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses Part 1

I know some of our members are currently sewing these beautiful blocks.
Many are using this wonderful book. Lucy Boston Patchwork Of The Crosses by Linda Franz
You can read more HERE.