Monday, 26 May 2014

Marg's Mystery Quilt BOM Part 1

Over the next 6 months I will give you 1 or 2 block patterns each month.
You need to make 7 blocks and join them together to make a row.
There will be a total of 9 rows altogether.
Fabric Requirements for the Blocks
                 Light Background Fabric   1.50 m
Dark Fabric   1m
Medium fabric A   1m
Medium fabric B   50cm
This is a general guide line as you may want to use several different lights, darks and mediums or give the quilt a scrappy look.
I do recommend a high contrast between your light and dark fabrics.
Get together with some friends and make the quilt as a Round Robin.
Make the first row then place it and your fabric in a cloth bag.
Put together a schedule for the group of when to swap bags with whom.
For happy group dynamics, remember to be on time and accurate.

The first block is a Double Four Patch on Point

For this row you need 4 block A’s and 3 block B’s
Cut from the background fabric 14 patches 3   7/8” x 3   7/8” then cut corner to corner for 28 triangle patches
Again from the background fabric cut 28 x 1  9/16” squares         
 Cut from the dark fabric 16 x 1  9/16” squares and 6 x 2  5/8”
And from one of the medium fabrics cut 12 x 1  9/16” squares and
8 x 2  5/8” squares
First sew together the small 4 patch units first, next sew together the bigger 4 patch units and finally sew triangles on opposite sides of the unit then on the other two sides.
Trim each block to 6 ½” square then sew them together
 Alternating between block A and block B

Good Luck and I will have another block for you next month.

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