Thursday, 13 March 2014

NOTYQ Membership Block

Each member of NOTYQ is asked to complete a name block. If you
have not already made a block here are the directions to follow.
This is an important part of our history. The quilted name panels will
be on display at selected meetings.
If you are not sure when you joined, the membership secretary, Diane, will be
able to help you with that information
From your stash find;
+ A favourite fabric and cut one 8 inch square
+ A cream or pastel homespun to match, cut one 5 inch square
+ A 5 inch square of pellon
1. Mark a 3 inch square in the centre of the homespun and
embroider your name and joining year
2. Add motif of sorts – appliqué, embroidery etc.
3. Place pellon at back of embroidered square and centre finished 5
inch square on to the wrong side of 8 inch square.
4. Fold in a scant ½ inch around the large square, then fold it over
again with mitred or square corners, this should line up with the 3
inch drawn square. A 1 inch border will be formed around the 3
inch square. Slip stitch the border into place.
5. The completed square should measure 5 inches

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