Thursday, 15 August 2013

Our next guest speaker... Saturday's Guild Meeting will be Gina who will talk about her beautiful and extensive linen collection.

Don't forget Saturday is the closing day for Quilt Exhibition entry forms

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Gina E. said...

Dear Melody and all members of NOTY, please accept my sincere apologies for not being able to attend your meeting as guest speaker today. My husband has been ill all week and I was hoping I wouldn't catch his bug, but a week of nights in bed with someone who is coughing and sneezing is bound to have an effect. My throat and chest felt 'tight' on Friday, but I still loaded up my car with my linens ready for Saturday. Alas this morning I woke up and my throat felt like it was on fire, and by the time it came for me to leave home, I knew I wouldn't be any good as a speaker, apart from spreading unwanted germs to NOTY members. I do hope to be given another opportunity to show my linens to you in the future, and will try not to get sick again!