Wednesday, 12 December 2012

January Work Shop

In the newsletter, Darelle let us know about the January Workshop

The January 2013 Workshop will have a theme, rather than one particular pattern.  A range of patterns from various sources will be suggested and you might know of others.  Choose your pattern, cut your fabric and come along to the hall on Thursday, January 17, and Saturday 19th, 10.00am, 
ready to create (or finish) your version.
The theme will be announced at the November 15 meeting (I might have some samples done by then).  There will be sheets with the websites for patterns and you can email me for any pdfs.  You can also sign for paper copies of patterns, which will be left at the centre the next week (or posted 
if that works better for you).  The theme and websites will also be in the December newsletter. 
        Hope this works for you!
Here's a few of the samples she kindly shared at a Sit and Sew session.

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