Friday, 6 January 2012

January Workshop, 19th January 2012

Seattle Streets by Laurie Biethan
"Seattle Streets", designed by Laurie Biethan

The January Workshop will be held on the 19th January, 2012 10 am start - come along at 9:30 am if you can help with setting up the tables, cords, etc.

The project "Seattle Streets" is 60"x72" without borders. You won't finish this in one day, but you will have some blocks done.

Fabric Requirements:
  •  3 metres black or whatever solid colour suits your other fabrics
  • 16 FQs florals, batiks, Christmas, black & white (maybe use red sashing), children's novelty
* Not suitable for fussy cutting.

Class preparation:

Black fabric
  • Cut off the selvedge on one side.
  • Cut 1" strips along the length - 10 (you will need more).
  • If you fold your fabric to cut it, check you don't get those V shapes.
From each FQ
  • cut 3" x 22"
  • cut 4" x 22"
  • cut 5" x 22"
Also bring
  • Loaded bobbins - Machine with pedal & lead - 1/4" foot
  • 12" square ruler or larger or 6"x 12" or larger
  • Rotary cutter - new blade - Bandaids
  • Cutting board to suit ruler. Share between 4
  • Iron and ironing board (mini). Share between 4.
  • New machine needles.
  • Usual sewing gear (unpicker, scissors, pins)
  • Power board, extension lead.
  • Cushion. Mug. Own lunch.
Cost: $2 door entry - This is a free pattern, but the designer would like a donation to a charity. It is suggested $3 each to Diamond Creek CFA.