Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Guild meeting this week "Think Pink" - Thursday 19th May

Photo courtesy slybuyer.com
Take a well earned rest and have a read of our latest newsletter - May edition.It is once again full of wonderful insights and fabulous show n tell from the May meeting, as well as upcoming events.

I'd like to personally, and I'm sure my fellow workshop attendees will agree, give thanks to Lyn for the wonderful bag making from denim jeans.It was amazing just to see the stash of denim that Lyn owns. Lyn was a great teacher, we were all most inspired, I can see many bags in the future coming to light. My husbands hand me downs just didn't make the cut - literally, too worn - I need to steal them sooner in the future ;-). The newsletter shows our work for the day, and I'm sure future show n tell will show many final products. Thanks again Lyn.

This month, at the guild meeting, we are hosting two events - first is Library Week, bring along quilts or other sewing items inspired from books - the items along with the books will be on display during the meeting night.

With May being the month when THE BIGGEST MORNING TEA is held with the focus on Cancer, and the thursday morning ladies are having  their PINK morning, the theme of our May evening meeting will be
So use your imagination - get out your PINK gear, and maybe bring along some PINK food to share for supper!

Come along and enjoy a fun PINK night!
All visitors are welcome.