Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christmas Guild Meeting and Newsletter

Come along and enjoy a shared lunch to celebrate Christmas with fellow NOTYQ members. Come along as a visitor and see what we get up to - all are welcome. Saturday 18th December 2010 at the Diamond Creek Citizens Centre, Gipson Street from 10am.

Read our latest newsletter and see what we have been getting up to and what we are getting up to in the near future. Also what you can bring along to share at the meeting.

We are in for some sewing fun, even over January - read and see, and join in the fun.

Happy Christmas to all - wishing you a season full of sewing.
Cheers Jennifer

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Call to quilters all over the world for Healing Hearts blocks

Shirley, in New Zealand, is co-ordinating "Healing Hearts" for those affected by the recent mining disaster. Read the instructions on her blog - and do what you can for others in need.

If you are in need of some pattern ideas - check out this link I found on the Internet. Remember that Shirley is looking for 6 1/2 inch (6 inch) blocks. 

Happy sewing, Jennifer

[image courtesy: ""

Friday, 12 November 2010

Happy 18th Birthday NOTYQ - November Newsletter

Come along and help us celebrate our 18th birthday...

The next Guild Meeting is on Thursday the 18th of November. From 7:30pm we will enjoy a lovely evening of friendship and sewing. The meeting will include a lovely array of Show n Tell as people finish of projects started at this years Symposium.

Then on the Saturday following (20th November) there is an extra Sit and Sew day - come along and enjoy this opportunity to sit and watch, or assist in, the making of the Exhibition raffle quilt, it is coming along nicely.

Take a look at the lovely work our members have recently finished in our November newsletter.

Look forward to seeing you all next week.
Happy Sewing - Jennifer
[Photo from Sue Polhill Cakes]

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Quilt Downunder 2010 - for Breast Cancer Network Australia

The Quilt Downunder 2010 is on again - an exhibition and charity auction of quilts to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Network Australia.

The 2010 auction and exhibition will again be held at The International, Lilydale. 
The Exhibition will run from Monday October 11 through to Saturday October 16, and culminate in a dinner auction, on Saturday evening, October 16, 2010.
Update: All 149 quilts are now available for viewing on this site (click on Quilts for auction), and online bidding is now open. 

Go and take a look at the site - and the quilts.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Quilts in the Barn 2010

A Quilt Exhibition featuring quilts from Di Ford and the Secret Sewing Sisterhood. They also have a blog - pop over for a look.

October, Friday 15th, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th 2010, from 10am-4pm
23 Hartley Road, Wonga Park, Victoria - Melway Map 24 F9

There will be Quilts, Fabrics and Patchwork Supplies from Threadbear of Castlemaine, for sale.
Morning and Afternoon Tea, Sandwiches, Sausage Sizzle and Drinks available.

A Quilt is also being raffled.

Cost is $5.00 per entry - All funds raised from admission, food stall and quilt raffle will be donated to Breast Cancer Research
pH: 9722 2777 for further details - also the attached PDF flyer

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Show n Tell from the July Guild Meeting, 2010

Sit and enjoy our Show n Tell from the July 2010 Guild Meeting.

October 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to the October 2010 Guild newsletter - make a cuppa and sit back and enjoy a lovely read. This newsletter is jam packed full of all the news from the Symposium held in September and a lovely array of Show n Tell from the September meeting - enjoy.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Guild Meeting Thursday 16th September and Newsletter

Sorry for the late post but the internet hasn't been too happy with me of late.

Come along tonight for the AGM and remember - many hands make light work - get involved, meet other lovely ladies and enjoy yourselves as part of the club.

Have a look at the latest newsletter - full of news and show n tell - enjoy.

Happy Sewing, Jennifer

Monday, 16 August 2010

Guild Meeting Saturday 21st August

This week is our Saturday Guild Meeting - come along for August's Trading Tables. Have a table yourself or purchase some extra bits n pieces for your sewing projects.

Stay for the meeting and catch up with all the news from our recent retreat, and upcoming Symposium in September.

Enjoy lunch with like minded quilters and stay for the Show n Tell - always inspirational.

If you'd like a table contact Debby Glenn - her contact details are in the August Newsletter.

Happy Sewing, Jennifer

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

August Newsletter 2010

Here is the August Newsletter - it includes some lovely show n tell from the July meeting and photos of our Retreat. Link to Newsletter.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

NOTYQ Guild Retreat 2010

Well, what another fantastic retreat...the organizers need to be congratulated, they put a lot of work into these weekends and it is fully appreciated by all those who attend - thank you also to the ladies who made our block keepers - it was a treat.

From Friday 6th August through to Monday 9th August, around 75 ladies descended on Myrniong for our annual guild retreat. The room was buzzing with greetings and sewing machines already busy right from the start.

 A wonderful few days of sewing, eating and chatting. Catching up with friends and being able to leisurely enjoy each others company. Not to mention the sewing of quilts, wall hangings, toys and even knitting.
It is fascinating to walk the room and see the range of quilts being made. Quilting has such a wide theme base - traditional, like the double wedding ring being made here by Christine - have a look at her achievements on her blog, to the latest crazes.

The energy and talents of these ladies is amazing. The show n tell on Sunday was awe inspiring just to see how much work was achieved. We even did our bit for the Victorian economy - around $6,500 was spent on the way there.
Thank you again for another fantastic retreat - only another 52 weeks until next year - where do I sign up.
Happy Sewing, Jennifer

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Show n Tell June 2010

Find here a slideshow of the Show n Tell from the June 2010 Guild meeting. I hope you enjoy the images - we certainly enjoyed seeing them live.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Show n Tell May 2010

I'm always experimenting with our Show n Tell images - trying to find the best way to view them. I hope you enjoy the slideshow...

Sunday, 18 July 2010


Sunset QuiltI'd like you to see a quilt made by one of our members and someone who has been blogging for quite a while. It is a quilt made by the lovely Claire of Matching Pegs and quilted by Anita Ellis of Hillside Quilting.

We were very fortunate at the last Guild Meeting to have Anita present a very interesting talk to our members on preparing our quilts when we take the opportunity to have a professional quilter - quilt our heirlooms. Anita has replicated this discussion on her blog.

I have also had Anita do a special quilt for me - which was a gift for my Mum - I was very pleased with the result, and I'd like to show it here.

Happy sewing.

Flying Geese - no waste method

Good morning all quilters,

I've just spent a lovely hour browsing the quilt blogging world and came across this lovely tip for creating Flying Geese with minimal fabric wastage and wanted to share it with you all.

Here is the link to the Patch Pieces blog and the actual PDF File for making these flying geese.

Happy flying/sewing
Cheers Jennifer

[This image is courtesy of Linda Halpin's website. The above technique may not have been used to create this particular quilt - I just wanted to show "non quilters" what flying geese units can look like when joined together.]

Monday, 12 July 2010

Guild Meeting Thursday 15th July 2010

Our next guild meeting will be on Thursday 15th July at 7:30pm. 
Come along and receive some advice from our own Anita Ellis, from Hillside Quilting, on preparing our quilts for a machine quilter. Do you know how much extra backing is required? Do you know that the quilter can attach the binding? These questions, and Anita's journey, will be the topic of the evening. 

Come also and see the lovely Show n Tell made during the previous month and sit and sew with like minded quilters. 

Then on the following Saturday, 17th,  there is an additional sewing day from 10am. All are welcome.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Guild Meeting Saturday 19th June

The Guild's next meeting is a Sit and Sew Day on Saturday 19th June. As is tradition this Saturday is also our Soup and Roll day - so don't forget your cups.

If anyone would like to make their own specialty, just contact Julie by email and let her know.

[photo courtesy:]
 We look forward to another interesting day of Show n Tell.

Happy Sewing, Jennifer

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Guild Meeting April 2010

Sorry for all the posts today - when I can get access to the Internet I try to blitz things - and in this case test the technology.

Here is another option for show n tell - let me know what you think...

Stitch & Quilt in Bright Retreat October 2010

From October 22nd to the 24th, this year, Bright is hosting a Stitch and Quilt Retreat.

This document informs you of the Tutors attending the Retreat and how you can become involved. Spring is a beautiful time to visit this part of Victoria - get involved.

May NOTYQ Newsletter 2010

Good morning ladies and gentleman,

Here is a link to the latest NOTYQ newsletter which gives our members news about upcoming events and show n tell from the April meeting.

Enjoy the read - click here

It is in a PDF format so you need the latest Adobe Reader installed - click here if you need to download Adobe Acrobat

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Guild Meeting Thursday 18th March 2010

Our guest speaker was Judy Wise. Judy shared with us some of her experience and work as a textile artist.
The meeting commenced at 7:30pm and members enjoyed the company of fellow quilters and soaked up the show n tell which is always inspirational.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Guild Meeting Saturday 20th February - Updated

Welcome to the first Guild Meeting for 2010.

This Saturday our guest speaker was Chris Field. Chris is one of our past presidents, she told us about her quilting journey. In the past we have seen her garden inspired or doily quilts.

The Fat Quarter Lady visited with her wonderful fat quarters - I'm sure you all found something you liked.  (photo courtesy

See here some of our beautiful work...

Quilt 1 of 45
Wedding Embroidery
Details: Wedding present made for a work friend by Barbie
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 2 of 45
Title: Unfinished stash-buster
Details: by Marg
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 3 of 45
Title: Giraffe
Details: Made after Christmas by Lois
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 4 of 45
Title: Ballerina cot quilt
Details: Made a couple of years ago, quilted in January by Lois
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 5 of 45
Title: Farm quilt
Details: Made many years ago, quilted in January, by Lois
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 6 of 45
Title: Cot quilt
Details: Made last year, quilted this year, by Lois
Click image for bigger view

To be continued...

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Show n Tell December 2009

By clicking on any of the images shown below will result in seeing a much larger view of the quilt. Enjoy.

Quilt 1 of 25
Quilts of love by Helena
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 2 of 25
Bag and armchair caddy by Elaine
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 3 of 25
Fit for an Angel by Judith
Designer/Patternmaker: Turning Twenty
Details: by Tricia Cripps, Quilted by Jenny Jamison
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 4 of 25
Vroom Vroom by Judith
Designer/Patternmaker: by Judith herself
Details: Quilted by Jenny Jamison
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 5 of 25
Merry Christmas Pa by Jenni
Designer/Patternmaker: Attic Window Quilt
Details: Quick christmas present for Dad. Machine pieced and quilted.
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 6 of 25
Simone V's gift by Madeline
Designer/Patternmaker: by Madeline
Details: Wall hanging made for Simone's 40th birthday by Madeline.
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 7 of 25
Jessica's messenger bag by Margaret
Designer/Patternmaker: by Margaret
Details: For Margaret's niece Jessica for Christmas
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 8 of 25
Greta's quilt by Annette 

Details: Started for Annette's 4th grand-child who is now 4. So it is now for my niece's daughter
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 9 of 25
Gorgeous bag by Marilyn
Designer/Patternmaker: Kate from Kates Sewing Centre
Details: Made during a sewing away weekend with Kate
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 10 of 25
Make-up purse by Marilyn
Designer/Patternmaker: Kate from Kates Sewing Centre
Details: For Marilyn's daughter's make-up on her wedding day on 16th January 2010
Click image above for bigger view

Quilt 11 of 25
Bento box by Margaret
Designer/Patternmaker: out of Patchwork & quilting magazine
Details: Made for Margaret's son. Missed two birthday's now finally a christmas present
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 12 of 25
Indigo Rhapsody by Barbara
Designer/Patternmaker: by Barbara
Details: Indigo Japanese fabrics (easy design). Gift for Barbara's grandson's 21st birthday. Quilted by Jenny Jamieson.
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 13 of 25
Bags, christmas tree quilt, odds & ends by Lyn

Details: Items made over my working holiday on the south coast of NSW - classes done on my embroidery machine & at bag workshops
Click image for bigger view


Quilt 14 of 24
King size extravagance by Rosemary
Designer/Patternmaker: Kaffe Fassett

Click image for bigger view

Quilt 15 of 25
Four notebook covers by Margit
Designer/Patternmaker: Angel - AP&Q, Golf - Landscapes by Karen Eckmeyer
Details: For colleagues at work
Click image for bigger view


Quilt 16 of 25
Interlocking arrows by Lily
Designer/Patternmaker: Some very old pattern
Details: The pattern needed a lot of unpicking, and Lily didn't enjoy doing it.
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 17 of 25
Black & Yellow by Helen
Designer/Patternmaker: Drunkards Path
Details: Fabric from DJ $2.00 Fat Qtrs day, "Lime & Soda" pattern. Made the top at the retreat
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 18 of 25
Alicia's quilt by Helen
Designer/Patternmaker: Chocolate Blue
Details: Valorie Wells fabrics. For Alicia's 21st birthday. Perfectly peppermint from Patchwork & Quilting
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 19 of 25
Quilt by Helen

Details: Fassett fabric. Variation on drunkard's path. Purchased pattern on way to retreat 2009
Click image for bigger view


Quilt 20 of 25
Epi Pen case by Claire
Designer/Patternmaker: by Claire
Details: To keep Claire's daughter's Epi Pen (for allergies) at a fairly constant temperature
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 21 of 25
Katie's Bear (looks like my baby puppy) by Vivienne
Designer/Patternmaker: Adaption of a pattern from America
Details: Made for the Whittlesea Show's Heritage Class special competition for this years 150th show - It came 2nd in the class. Suffold puffs were made on a cattle station in the NT in June & the bear parts sewn in the car on the way home from the Cobram Ag. Show this year - last week in October - then assembled at home the same day
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 22 of 25
Table mats by Glenda
Details: Table mats made for friends for Christmas
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 23 of 25
Community quilt
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 24 of 25
Rhapsody in Blue by Carmen
Details: Just love blue
Click image for bigger view

Quilt 25 of 25
Garden path by Carmen
Details: Something to do while watching TV. Hand pieced 
Click image for bigger view