Saturday, 14 November 2009

Donated quilt for Bushfires Victoria, Australia

To members of NOTY Quilting Group; my heartfelt Thanks to all of you involved in the making, co-ordination and distribution of quilts for bush-fire victims.

As a recipient of one of these beautiful quilts, I want to express how much my family and I appreciate the generosity of spirit, the kindness and compassion that is in every single stitch.

Having lost everything in the Black Saturday fires with nothing left to show after 52 years in Marysville, the quilt will become a keepsake and heirloom to pass down to the family.

I Thank again all those involved and truly appreciate the work and sentiments involved.

Yours sincerely, Walter Vanni

This was one of 117 quilts that the Guild received from Quilters in New Zealand for those who suffered during the bushfires here in Victoria earlier this year. A special thankyou to Frances Skinner for orchestrating this mammoth effort in New Zealand. Thank you to you Frances, and all the generous quilters in New Zealand for thinking of us here in Victoria. Also to the ladies in the Guild who are going out and distributing them to those in need.

Happy Sewing

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