Saturday, 26 September 2009

Bobbin Wraps

The first of I hope many hints and tips that I come across on the Internet. This is a link to an article giving a great idea for keeping your bobbin threads under control when not in use. These easy made wraps tuck easily around any size bobbins to stop the thread unwinding.


"In the plumbing department, there are many types of flexible tubing, pick up some 5/8" OD x 1/2" ID clear vinyl tubing.

If you try this yourself, make sure the tubing you get is fairly sturdy, but easy enough to cut with a pair of scissors. You don't want the tubing to be so thick that you can't unroll it, but you don't want it to be so thin that it won't stay wrapped around the bobbin.

By cutting off lengths of this tube approximately 3/8" long and cutting a slit down the side, I created a little plastic sleeve for each of my bobbins. These fit very snugly around the bobbin, and keep the thread tails from coming loose. I cut my bobbin sleeves so that they fit underneath both flanges of the bobbin. They don't have to be perfect; as long as they are short enough to tuck inside the bobbin, your sleeves will stay put."
[text taken from the Handmade News Website ]

Send me an email if you find any other tips you'd like to share - happy to put a post up here for our quilting community to share.

Happy sewing, Jennifer


Anonymous said...

cool!!! I do like these handy little hints and tips :) I have seen bobbin holder thingys that look like those thick hair ties... I have a box of them, I should see if they work!

Jackie said...

What a great tip! Those loose threads just drive me crazy!